Underfloor Heating

About Certus Construction underfloor heating
Certus Construction Ltd is a leading independent specialist in Underfloor Heating systems throughout the south west of England and Wales. We pride ourselves in providing quality products combined with an efficient and professional service at a competitive price that we deliver to our customers and partners gained through years of expertise in Underfloor Heating systems.
We specialise in all forms of underfloor heating solutions and assist you in finding the best solution that is tailored to your specific needs. Through our team of leading professionals we guide you through the steps and requirements to develop the best quality heating solution for your needs.
What makes us different?
At Certus Construction Ltd we focus on delivering the highest quality service to meet all our customers needs, both large and small. Our professional underfloor heating advisors assist you in making informed choices from choosing the right heating system, to designing the best Underfloor Heating system based on your or your clients requirements. Unlike many of the suppliers on the market, we spend time listening to our customers and working out your heat loss calculations based on your drawings and measurements to ensure that you obtain maximum benefits when your underfloor heating is in operation.
All of Certus Construction Ltd’s installers are experienced, qualified Underfloor Heating installers. Their knowledge base enables them to be great trouble-shooters on site should the need arise.
Why Choose our Underfloor Heating?
It’s simple, ‘Value for Money’
We combine quality materials with a professional service at a competitive price. If you are having tubes fitted under your floor with hot/cold water running through them buried under your floor, wouldn’t you want a quality tube? A tube that doesn’t kink, snap or prone to easy damage?
Our manifolds (distribution units) are attractive, secure and supplied with fittings. We can help you decide on the best position of your manifold/s whether you want it as a feature piece or hidden away in an accessible cupboard.
The main points…..
• Eco friendly
• Complete freedom of design – no ugly radiators or storage heating
• Cheaper to run saving you up to 15% of your energy bills
• Fewer dust traps than radiators due to the air circulation associated with Underfloor Heating causing less airborne dust proving to be a huge benefit to those with allergies and bronchitis.